Vendor Spotlight - Once Upon A Wedding

Today we are so excited to introduce Kelley, owner of Once Upon A Wedding! Kelley has been in the wedding industry for over 13 years. There is never a dull moment with Kelley as she brings so much energy and excitement to every encounter she has. We love Kelley for her passion and drive when it comes to planning weddings and exceeding her clients expectations. Get to know Kelley more in our one-on-one interview and don’t be afraid to reach out to her for your wedding or event needs!

Photograph by Ed and Aileen Photography

Photograph by Ed and Aileen Photography

How did you get into weddings?
”I got a job at David’s Bridal when I was 19, and fell in love. Since then, I’ve worked in formalwear, limos, catering, florals, etc. In 2011, I got an internship with a wedding planner and discovered that was my true passion and never turned back!”

What is your most memorable moment in your career?
”It was actually my wedding this past New Years Eve. Guests had all left, vendors are packing up, and the bride requested the DJ play New Year’s Day by Taylor Swift. The couple slow danced to this sweet song as if no one was watching. Tables were being broken down, balloon-drop confetti being swept up (there’s a line in the song that actually references confetti on the floor ) but these cuties kept on dancing. It was perfect.”

What are your three favorite wedding aspects/details?
”1. I love when couples incorporate something they are passionate about into their big day (the nerdier, the better!!)
2. It is always super sweet and adorable when couples write their own vows.
3. This is going to sound weird but anytime animals are involved! Is there anything cuter than a puppy ring bearer?? I think not”

What is your favorite wedding song?
”Honestly, anything that has emotional significance for the couple. The song that was playing when they first met, the artist from their concert together, etc. Whatever makes it totally authentic and exclusively theirs.”

What is your dream destination wedding?
”Positano, Italy”

You can visit Kelley’s website here!