Vendor Spotlight - J. Brown Photography

Meet community member, Jason Brown, of J. Brown Photography. With over 10 years of experience, Jason knows exactly how to exceed his clients expectations. Read more about him below!

What is your favorite wedding tradition?
“I love photographing the baraat, which is part of South Asian weddings, and the horah, which is a Jewish traditional dance.  The baraat is where the groom parades towards the ceremony space, usually on a horse. It’s full of energy, drum music, and dancing.  This leads to the milni, where the families come together and exchange garlands before entering the ceremony space. It’s an amazing way to start the wedding and honor the heritage and culture of the couple.  For Jewish weddings, the horah involves family members dancing in a circle, while the couple is raised above the crowd on chairs. There’s simply so many fun moments to capture. Over my career I’ve seen some traditions fade away, and I even encourage my couples to break from the norm.  That said, I truly hope the baraat and horah aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

What is your dream destination wedding?
“South Africa. I have a wedding in Greece this year that I’m very excited for but South Africa has been coming up in many wedding conversations recently so I would love to have a wedding there.”

How did you begin wedding photography?
“I’ve been a professional photographer for 19 years, but have been a freelance commercial and wedding photographer for the last 10 years. I started off as a staff news photojournalist. While I was doing that a couple friends of mine asked if I could photograph their weddings and from there I started doing wedding photography on the side. It kept growing and growing until I realized that I could make it my full time business so when I had the chance, I switched over and fully committed to being a wedding photographer. I prefer this because of the connections I make with my clients.”

What ways would you encourage your couples to break tradition?
“All I can say is be authentic and be you. I talk to my couples about this in our first meeting before they even book me. Maybe one of your family and friends can perform the ceremony? Whatever it is, make sure that it’s you. It’s your wedding day so you should enjoy yourself. If we’re at your wedding and you want to go see your guests, I’m not going to take up all your time taking pictures because you should enjoy the moment.”

Biggest ah-ha moment?
“I can tell your story through my photography. Even though I’m there to be your photographer I’m also there to step in and help when needed or stay back and let you have a moment with your family or do whatever you need to do. I’m more than just your photographer, I got your back and I’m here to make sure that you have a great wedding day.”

What do you want couples to know?
“Plan. Plan. Plan. Things take time but always plan for more time. You should give yourself some cushion time between things. It’s better to have more time and be able to take a moment and relax rather than be rushing through things. And always get a wedding planner.”

To book with Jason Brown you can visit his website here!