5 Reasons to Have an In-Home Engagement Session

Written and Photographed by Curator, Lisa of lisa kathan photography:

In-home engagement sessions are increasing in popularity, and even if you don’t have a magazine-worthy home, there are lots of reasons to consider having one.

It’s comfortable

Your home is a comfortable space for you, and that’s likely to show in your photos. If you feel warm and cozy on your bed, your couch or the floor, you’re photos will show how comfortable you really feel (as in no super awkward, cheesy photos!).

For future nostalgia

Wherever you live – an apartment, a house, a loft – you probably won’t be living there a few years from now. An in-home session is a great way to capture your life as it is at this exact point in time! Your first place together is usually pretty special, so get some photos of you spending time there and you won’t regret it years from now.

It’s 100% you

You have a deep connection with the space, because you live there! The décor, the memories, they’re all about the two of you. Why take pictures in a random park when you can have photos that reflect who you truly are? That includes your pets, which you may not be able to bring with you to a session in a public space.

Also, if your space isn’t perfect, that’s OK! These photos are meant to be memories for you. They’re not likely to be in an architectural magazine, so don’t worry if your place isn’t perfectly decorated or perfectly clean. A good photographer can shoot around much of that stuff, and focus the photos on the two of you.


No battles with Chicago weather

Let’s be honest – between freezing temps, rain, blazing hot summers, and snow – there’s usually about 11 days a year that are perfect for outdoor photos! But if you have your session in your home, you don’t have to worry about it what time of year it is, or what the weather is like outside.

You can be yourself!

There’s no one else around, so you can do lots of things that might be awkward in a public space. So be crazy, sexy, goofy, whatever you want!

Lisa Kathan