FlowerFarm was created to sell wholesale, bulk fresh cut flowers targeting retail florists, studio florists, event planners and floral designers. 

But what’s different about FlowerFarm

  • To start, FlowerFarm cuts out the middleman and sends flowers directly from the farms to you.
  • FlowerFarm gives you the best price right up front with shipping included. No need for special discounts or promo codes.
  • FlowerFarm guarantees if you receive flowers that don’t meet your expectations, we’ll work with you to replace the product or refund your money.
  • FlowerFarm accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.
  • FlowerFarm ships via UPS which gives you a faster, more reliable experience with complete tracking visibility from the farm to your door.
  • FlowerFarm offers Express Checkout, Rapid Reorder, shipping/delivery text alerts and hassle-free online customer service.
  • And, FlowerFarm is designed for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, allowing flexibility to manage orders in a medium that’s most convenient for you.