Tony & Ana's Waterfall Glen Elopement

Waterfall Glen Chicago Wedding Portrait Jenn Marie Photography

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“Tony & Ana had every detail planned for their 2018 Wedding. It was everything they both had dreamed of. Then, Ana got news that she was very sick. They had to use all of the money they had saved to take Ana to her Doctor's Appointments in Chicago. They ended up eloping in San Diego. Ana told me that the best part of eloping was just finally being married, but that she really was sad she didn't have Wedding Portraits!

Fast forward to now, and she's cancer-free! They really wanted to celebrate, so Ana bought a dress and we planned the most DREAMY sunrise session! It ended up being the COLDEST morning of the season so far... a brisk 28 degrees... we woke up bright and early for a peaceful sunrise session! You could see every single breath in the air, and the frost was still clinging to the grass and trees.

Tony and Ana were amazing, and the love they have for each other is just second to none and we could see it at every turn. The way she laughed at every single one of his jokes; the way he meticulously, and to no avail, attempted to keep the leaves off of her dress... they really are perfect.

Bride and Groom Portrait Waterfall Glen Chicago Elopement Jenn Marie Photography

We stopped at a quiet place by the river where the sun was just starting to show, and they exchanged vows with one another. It was a really sweet moment, and a great time to take a break before they took a plunge!

That's right! What's a session at Waterfall Glen without GETTING IN the water? It was a great end to a beautiful morning.“

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