Cutting the Cake

Editor's note: The CHI thee WED Curator Team was deeply saddened by the Supreme Court decision handed down yesterday.  We celebrate all couples right to love and marry. We stand by the LBGTQ+ Community and support their fight for equal rights in all things.

The Meaning Behind a Moment

Tradition is a huge part of wedding culture, but do you ever wonder WHY we do the things we do at weddings? Why do we wear white? Why do we wear a veil? Why do we hold a bouquet? Why does our father walk us down the isle? Of course these traditions change based on your culture, religion, and geographical location, but generally weddings include some interesting traditions.  The wedding cake cutting moment being one of them.

Photo Credit:  Alicia's Photography  Cake Credit:  ECBG Cake Studio

Photo Credit: Alicia's Photography
Cake Credit: ECBG Cake Studio

The wedding cake cutting moment has always interested me, and I know if my spouse shoved cake in my face after I spent so much money on my make up I would not be too happy, but there is a reason why we do it. Taking it all the way back to Ancient Rome where bread was broken over the brides head. Once again… would not be too happy.  The cake was to symbolize status and social standing and was to match the brides white dress to symbolize purity and importance. In Victorian times the wedding cake was known as the ‘brides cake’ and originally the bride would cut the cake and distribute it to her guests herself. As wedding parties grew so did the cake and the bride obviously needed help cutting the cake. The groom would help and this is where the cake cutting moment comes from! Although now the venue or catering staff are typically responsible for cutting and serving the cake, the cake cutting moment still symbolizes a the first official task of the married couple.  The couple still typically will share a bite of cake, symbolizing their union and the promise to forever provide for one another.

There is beauty in honoring the tradition of the wedding cake cutting moment, as well as beauty in honoring new and different traditions.  I know that whether a couple chooses a 5 tier extravagant wedding cake, or a small cake to cut accompanied by a dessert table, the joy and love during this moment is felt just as deeply - which is all that matters!