Badassery Launch Party

At CHI thee WED we pride ourselves with being Chicago’s first wedding blog focused on community over competition. We have an amazing online wedding pro community PLUS we serve as an inspiration place for couples searching all things Chicago wedding’s! In July we had the opportunity to support another amazing community thanks to the ladies at Badassery Magazine!


Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen, co-founders of Badassery Magazine, hosted a release party at The Living Room for their new book/workbook, Badassery Style Community: A Step-by-step Guide to Party Planning Your Way to an Ultra-Engaged Community! In the workbook, Sam and Kathy share their secrets for hosting and growing a community of raving fans and keep them coming back for more!

Nicole had the chance to interview Sam and Kathy to learn more about their new book/workbook and what inspired them! Learn more about their community from the ladies who started it below:

Q: "What is Badassery?"

A: "It is more than a magazine! It is a community for female entrepreneurs who live passion filled and bold lives that embrace their inner “badassery”. The urban dictionary says badassery means: Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck. We encourage people to take on the things they think they are impossible and do them anyway. We started the magazine to give women a place to showcase what they are doing in business because there are a lot of gatekeepers and we wanted to eliminate that. We want every entrepreneur and business owner to have a place to showcase what they are doing. We want everyone to feel like they have a platform where they aren't judged or don’t feel good enough!"

Q: "What inspired you to get started?"

A: "The need for community! We kept running into the same issue with our own businesses where people would tell us you need to get “so and so” to mention you to make it bigger and we wanted to change that."

Q: "When did you get started?"

A: "Two years ago - we do free digital monthly issues that are contributor based,  so anyone that wants to share something with us we publish it!" (Just like CHI thee WED!)

Q: "What are your demographics?"

A: "Females 25-55 who are business owners, side-hustlers, or they are wanting to start a business. They are globally based from places like Australia, Canada, The UK and Caribbean to name a few!"


We were so thrilled to be brought into this amazing community of badass women and can't wait to follow along on their journey!

Photography: City Savvy Imaging
Venue: The Living Room

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