Finding Your Photographer at a Wedding Show

Written by Curator, Michelle of Michelle Cox Photography:

One of the first things that couples do after they get engaged is attend a wedding show. Wedding shows might not be for everyone but if you have a plan before you attend, you can make a sometimes overwhelming event a little easier and more fun.

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Generally when you attend wedding shows there are lots of wedding vendors, in all types of categories but today, I would like to offer you specific tips on how to best check out the photographers at these wedding shows and making the most out of your experience.

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Less pressure than one on one
One thing that I definitely recommend is that you find out who the vendors are presenting at a wedding show and check out their work beforehand if you can. OR if you are interested in a particular photographer/vendor, follow them on Instagram and see if they post that they are going to be attending a wedding show. Many times in the social media world, that is something that is shared so this could be easy information to find. Meeting in person with a photographer/vendor at a show can sometimes be an easy way to see someone’s personality and meet them without the “pressure” of starting out getting to know them at a one on one in-person consultation.

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For photography, many times people think that you could get the full perspective of a photographer’s work online through their website. Sometimes this could be true but many photographers offer prints, wedding albums or custom printed material that can be seen at a wedding show. Attending a wedding show is a great opportunity to see all of the “bells and whistles” that a photographer can offer to you which can really allow you to see what you are truly investing in.

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Coupons or special offers

Checking out the prices of a photographer can be an important step for many couples. Budgeting for weddings is important so make sure that you grab the price lists to any of your vendors that you meet at wedding shows. Also though, ask about giveaways or special coupons! Most vendors offer something special at wedding shows so it can be a GREAT chance to get a coupon, a free item or a small sale on services.

All in all, wedding shows are a great opportunity to collect a lot of information in a short afternoon. By doing a little research beforehand you can make sure that you visit the vendors that you (already) enjoy, sample the work you like best and find just the right wedding photographer (and vendors) for your big day!

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Photographer: Michelle Cox Photography