Vendor Spotlight - Ashley Dahl Photography

Everyone meet Ashley the girl behind Ashley Dahl Photography. Ashley is more than just your average photographer. She goes the extra mile to capture crisp, bright photographs of everything you envision and more. Scroll through to get to know her and take a glance at her photography style!

What are your three favorite details on a wedding day?
”1. Sunset photos with my couples! I always like to carve in 10 minutes around sunset to sneak away with my couples briefly for some photos. Not only is the lighting dreamy during this time, but these are their first portraits of just the two of them as husband and wife!
2. I love getting photos of all of the wedding day details during the getting ready portion of the day. Wedding invitations, jewelry, shoes, love letters, your all plays a huge roll in the pieces of your wedding day and I love styling it so you remember all of the itty bitty details that made your day, yours.
3.I love the first look on a wedding day. I know some couples are against it which is totally fine and I definitely work with couples who prefer no first look, but if my couples aren’t sure if they should do or not do one, I always like to encourage them to do a first look. It’s a great way to not only get all of your photos done before the ceremony, but also makes the “aisle moment” even more special because instead of freaking out about seeing your new spouse, you get to feel absolute joy and get to also notice your friends and family that are there cheering you on.”

Who is your dream celebrity couple that you would love to shoot?
”I would love to photograph Michelle and Barack Obama. They are so fun together and truly are best friends which I admire. Maybe I can get a gig of photographing a vow renewal if they ever do one.”

What is your favorite wedding tradition?
”One of my favorite traditions is hands down the Father Daughter Dance! I love seeing what type of music my brides choose to play for that dance, whether it’s a slow and emotional song or her and her dad are out there bustin’ a move!”

What makes you, you?
”My friends laugh at me because I am as “basic” as basic can get. Target is by far my favorite store ever, I drink Starbucks regularly, love a good sushi restaurant, margaritas are my drink of choice and I am a basically the definition of a cat lady. I binge watch This Is Us and currently am watching The Bachelor every Monday night. It may be basic, but I am also relatable, which is always fun when a couple jives with me and has similar interests.”

Tell us about your most memorable moment working as a wedding photographer:
”A moment I will never forget was one of my very first weddings I had ever photographed solo. My husband tagged along to help carry my bags and I am so thankful he did! Not only did he have to carry my bags, but also held an umbrella over my head because no joke, it rained literally all day. The couple ended up having to move the outdoor ceremony indoors because it was down pouring all day. I am forever thankful that I ended up buying 8 clear umbrellas for the wedding party (which now I never leave my house on a wedding day without them haha!) After a day that didn’t go as planned one bit, I sat in the car with sopping wet shoes and wet hair after the day was all done and said to my husband, “Wow. An entire day that didn’t follow my timeline one bit and I still had the time of my life. This is what I am meant to do.””

For more information or to book Ashley visit her website here!