Fresh Trend = Fresh Flowers

The most celebrated parts of baking for a living, besides the occasions I bake for, are the ways I’ve  been able to collaborate with, support, and form community with other small businesses. There’s no fresher way that these collaborations are shown off than the flowers my cakes feature! 

Since 2011 I’ve been using flowers (usually fresh) as a fun way to accent the cakes I’m making and add a modern aesthetic to something traditional. If you need a laugh, google “80’s flower cakes.” Both the cake and floral industries have come a long way in sophistication since then. 

This chic berry and flower combo is very of the moment, and so fun for summer! 

I’m even more inspired by the florists I work with than the flowers they provide to me! 

Working with local florists like Youth and Yarrow also aligns with my personal passion for giving back and community involvement. Y&Y puts 15% of every sale back into developing gardening clubs and mentor-ship with their neighborhood high schools.

My signature cake, “The Naked Lady,” always includes some fun fresh flowers, drippy ganache, and delicious macaroons. 

I developed the signature ECBG style through thinking about fun ways to combine unexpected elements. Creating wedding cakes often calls for matching the style and theme of the wedding, and adding the signature flowers from the event is a great way to do that. 

Drippy ganache adds a different layer of texture, and a playful visual element, and the macaroons offer a light, delicate counter point to the cake & frosting. 

I love this style because it’s based on my own idea of what a cake should be, fancy & fun, but it also adapts to what my clients want with different flavors, color combos, and floral arrangements. 

Layering my cakes with different creative elements has been such a joyful process of community building as I find collaborators and supporters. Collaborating with florists is quite literally a beautiful expression of my community. I am so grateful that something born of my community extends to my clients occasions that, in turn, builds their communities. From my community to yours, I thank you.