Maya Bach, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


As a Registered Dietitian, common things I hear from clients include...

“I eat healthy and workout. Why am I not seeing results? ”

Yes, we should probably all be eating more veggies. It's also understanding how other factors impact your body. Taking a holistic view, we identity what is driving your current health status and how to boost your well-being.

“I’m exhausted; I don’t have time to cook and eat well.”

From eating well to getting enough sleep - there are so many items on our "health to-do" lists. Accomplishing them all can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it's about taking a step back and pushing the "reset" button. We identify what areas to focus on first and outline a simple plan for how to knock out your "health to-do" list.

“Paleo, keto, there a “best” way of eating? If so, what should I do? ”

Deciphering nutrition information and keeping up with trends can be tricky business. We dig into the what the science says to pull  evidence-based recommendations and resources. No magic pills or powders. No B.S.

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