Please Don’t Call Me Trendy

Trends vs. buying wedding clothes that are right for your skin tone, body and mood

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I recently styled my longtime friend and his groomsmen on wedding day, with the added bonus of attending the wedding as a guest. Black tie at the beautifully renovated Ritz-Carlton, so if you read my post on what to wear for every occasion, you can safely assume I was wearing one of my tuxedos. I decided on my blue tux because, well, I love it. It’s not a midnight blue, it’s perfectly formal and summery and I wasn’t required to wear black.

Within 15 minutes of the cocktail hour, I had already received three comments about my tuxedo and how “on trend” I was. I received a few more throughout the evening.

Grrr. Insert side-eye emojis.

I know, they were trying to compliment me. However, I take it as, “Congrats! You have, and wore, what everyone else is trying to wear right now. Your originality shines through.”

I’ve had the tuxedo almost five years now. I’ve worn it more times than I can count, but it’s never been trendier than now according to these guests. I wasn’t wearing it because it’s the cool thing to do right now. I was wearing it because I think my blue tuxedo looks better on me than my black one does. I think the blue went better with my post-marathon-training tanned skin. I have blue eyes. It just made sense.

All that buildup for the main point...

Wear what looks best on you for your skin tone, hair color, body shape and even mood!

Tips for women

  • I’m not saying don’t wear trendy garments. Floral prints have been beautiful for a very long time, they’re just super popular right now. If they look great on you, they can be great Spring and Summer wedding options.
  • Pick a silhouette and garment that is appropriate for the occasion and your body type, and that will accentuate your strengths.
  • Avoid wide stripes. There are caveats to this, like if you’re trying to make your bust look bigger, a wider horizontal or diagonal stripe can help do that.
  • Don’t choose black because it’s easier. Color can be beautiful. If you’re unsure what color looks best on you, ask a stylist at the store or follow the chart below.
  • Try one new colorful option the next wedding you attend – a fun earring, clutch or belt that can bring a look all together. Just one, I’m not asking for much.

Tips for men

Prince of Wales Suit Fabric

Prince of Wales Suit Fabric

  • Try a little more than usual. If you’re going to a wedding with a wife, partner, significant other, random +1, they’re going to put in a little effort and you should to.
  • Get something that fits you well. I can’t stress this enough. It’s not okay or appropriate to wear your dad’s suit or tuxedo from the 90s to a wedding. Visit Surmesur in Chicago and you’ll be in great hands. They’ll get you in a custom garment starting at $375.
  • Pick suit and shirt fabrics that work with your skin tone and hair color (see below).
  • If you’re big, avoid big patterns like big windowpane suits or sport coats, and try something like a subtle Prince of Wales check. If you’re shorter, try a nice pinstripe or chalk stripe to elongate your body. There are good pinstripes and there are bad. 
  • Wear a tie you haven’t worn to a business meeting.
  • Wear a pocketsquare. If you’re new to this or think you’re uncomfortable with it, buy a white linen pocketsquare for $10 and do the flat fold, also known as the Presidential Fold. Simple and always appropriate.
Simple, Presidential or flat-fold pocket square

Simple, Presidential or flat-fold pocket square

Skin tone and flattering colors:

There is much more than can go into this and I could spend an entire post on this topic, but to simplify the concept, see below for colors that are most flattering for your skin tone.

Skin Tone



Very fair

Pastels, neutrals, jewel tones

Medium blues and greys for suits/jackets. Nothing too dark or too light. Shirt colors: see women


Blush, ivory, soft yellow, lavender, mint green, coral, peach

Most blue and grey suits work. The lighter you go, the more you risk washing out. Shirts: see women


Olive, purple, mustard, cranberry, Forest Green, Royal Blue, pink

Medium to dark blue or grey, brighter blues and olive are awesome suit options. Shirts: Soft pinks, greens, purples


Earth tones, green, orange, olive, blue, navy, pink, emerald, burgundy

Blues and greys are fine, but try browns and greens for suits. Beautiful. Shirts: see women


Jewel tones, plum, white, orange, pink, yellow, ruby

Lucky, because most suit fabrics will look nice, just avoid matching your skin tone too closely. Shirts: see women


Jewel tones, white, fuchsia, yellow, royal blue, blush

Lucky, because most suit fabrics will look nice, just avoid matching your skin tone too closely. Shirts: see women

Dress in whatever way is appropriate for the occasion, your body type, skin tone and mood. Don’t pick something trendy just because it’s trendy.

And please, don’t call me trendy.

P.S. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help!