Lip Service

Just imagine -- it’s a beautiful day, you’re wearing the dress of your dreams, and all eyes are on you -- when the Officiant finally says those magical words, “You may now kiss!” 

All is well and exciting!

Except there’s just one thing -- before you put your face to your beloved’s, you quickly realize you’re stuck with these options for the impending lip smack…

  1. You can give a knowing grin that tells your hubby “don’t kiss me too hard or my lipstick will be all over your face”

  2. You can give a knowing glare that tells your hubby “don’t get too crazy or my lipstick will be all over my face”

  3. You can be utterly overcome with joy and happiness that you simply prepare yourself to be dipped and kissed like never before! It’s your big day, after all!

If you chose one of the first two scenarios it’s likely because you’ve either never found a lipstick that stays on or you’re just not the Scarlett O’Hara type.  Well, I’m totally the Scarlett O’Hara type, yet, I believe that everyone should get their own Gone With the Wind moment!   


So, after years of searching for the perfect long-lasting pout I have finally found the ultimate solution!

My favorite is Lipsense. You may or may not have heard of this brand but its pretty unreal to me what it does. I tell my brides -- feel free to make out when you say "I do," it's not going anywhere.  

Its actually become a bit of a joke in the industry that when I see people  they ask if I had a trial today because I have color swatches on my hand and they last a couple days!

So, let me tell you how to get the perfect look with it; to make it stay and to make it last all day!

  1. Exfoliate your lips with any gentle scrub or with your wash cloth in a circular motion. Remember to be super gentle—your lips are the thinnest skin on your face and are quite delicate!

  2. Apply a stain directly to your lip in a thin coat. Let dry for about 5 seconds. Apply a second coat (if you want) for a more dramatic, bold look. Top off with the gloss to set it in.

You can find this product probably from a number of friends online that sell it (it’s a direct sales brand) or you can go directly to the site at and use our code 351340.  Other brands that I know have great stains, Channel, Kat VonD and NYX but none (to me) are like the Lipsense.

Would love to hear what your favorite brands are! Connect with us on the CHI thee WED Facebook or Instagram (or comment below!).