Wedding Day Hair Extension Tell All!

So you want to look like that Pinterest Picture…Kate of Kate Johnson Artistry tells you how below!

Photo by:  Nicodem Creative  

Photo by: Nicodem Creative 

The problem— your hair texture or length just wont give you that look!

The solution— clip in extensions… that’s it that’s all you need… That and a creative stylist

Many of my brides show me inspiration pictures of amazing, thick, luscious, long and layered hair they want for their wedding. I believe in honesty, so I always tell my brides if a look is really achievable or not. 

The reality is though, any look can be achieved if you let your bridal stylist work their magic. I can be hair pieces, a perfect product but in this case its extensions. 

What are they?

Clip-in extensions come in a variety of lengths, textures and colors. You also have the option of purchasing synthetic or real hair. While the synthetic can often look real, you can’t put heat (curling irons, straightening irons, blow dryers) on them. There are even ones that say you can use up to 350 degrees on them…. Believe me no you cant. Ive tried, they look like wet noodles 

Clip-ins are super easy to use. Each piece of hair weft is attached to a small clip that, when placed on your scalp and draped with your real hair, looks like a fuller version of your own hair.

A professional hair stylist or someone familiar with them can put them in for you. Once you start using them often, you’ll get the hang of it and be able to do them yourself. It’s really that simple.

Budget wise--a good idea?

Real human hair extensions are very popular and, believe it or not, they’re super affordable. Some opt for the best quality hair (this can be upwards of $900) which is often “virgin” hair. This means the hair has never been dyed or chemically processed. It’s naturally beautiful, thick and healthy. This hair tends to keep its high quality longer than more inexpensive hair. Basically, you get what you pay for.

You can still get great quality hair without breaking your bank, though.The hair we use at KJA we get from a wholesaler and can give to our clients for around $100. It can be more for really long hair or lighter blonde shades. The hair is beautiful and works perfectly for the big day. Less expensive hair can last a few months, but may need to be replaced after extensive use and heat application. However, it serves a great purpose and works well for an occasion or two!

Who really uses them?

Everyone. Seriously, it’s like the biggest beauty secret ever. So many women sport hair extensions on a daily basis. One of my friends wears her’s every day. She loves them and they give her length and volume, not to mention confidence! Those around her are convinced she has this super luscious, long hair when in reality— it’s shoulder length and thin. (I personally have worn the “ tape in” version for years. This is the kind that stays in for a couple months)

Hair insecurities be gone! Clip-in extensions are such a simple and affordable fix, it’s no surprise that so many women wear them. The art of making them blend well and look like your real hair is a learned skill, but many have mastered it! 

Now that you have that pull up that Pinterest picture you really really want and know we can achieve it for the big day. 

Hair and Makeup: Kate Johnson Artistry