Festival Friday - August 3rd

Another beautiful weekend planned to kickstart the month of August, and of course one of the biggest weekends in summer festivals… Lollapalooza!  So in typical Friday fashion, I’m going to talk about how to survive the weekend but with a little twist to shake things up.


Whether you’re a die hard music fan with a 4-day pass, or someone like me who prefers to get all her jams in one day, there is something for everyone INCLUDING a little musical inspiration for the BIG DAY.

Here’s a list of our top 5 Artists this weekend and how to incorporate them into your wedding!

#1 Bruno Mars


Need I say more?  Headlining TONIGHT on the Grant Park Stage

#2 The Weeknd

No matter the mood or the crowd, The Weeknd has never disappointed! Headlining SATURDAY at Grant Park Stage


#3 Arctic Monkeys

Maybe you're looking for more of a Beatles sound with a twist? Headlining Thursday at Grant Park Stage


#4 The National

Our Creator, Nicole’s favorite! Headlining TONIGHT at the Bud Light Stage

#5 Chromeo

One of my favorites and it never gets old, there's even room to throw in a few remixes! Playing SUNDAY at 7:30 on Lake Shore Stage


Want to see more? Get Lollapalooza’s FULL lineup here. Or perhaps you’re not interested in the crowds at Lolla, we get it! So here’s a peek at where to catch your favorite bands around Chicago for their Aftershows!