To Match or Not Match? That Is the Question.

Almost every wedding I help with, the grooms ask me, “Does everyone need to match?” They see photos or have been in weddings in which every detail is the same between the groom and groomsmen, but rarely does anyone give something different much thought. Bridesmaids sometimes have the option of a particular color palette and can choose different styles within it. Guys don’t really do that. But why not?

Black tie is one thing (Not sure how to dress for an event? Check out what to wear for every occasion). There is less wiggle room in black tie attire and I do like when the guys are in the same tuxedo, or when just the groom is in a blue tux for example.

Anything below black tie? Let’s change it up!

For the brides… allowing your bridesmaids to choose a style in a specific color or within a certain palette is the way to go. Each one of your bridesmaids’ bodies are different and if they can choose the style that is most flattering on them, they’ll be appreciative of it. Ultimately, they’ll look better in images and standing up in the ceremony, which makes the overall look better.

Credit:  Surmesur

Credit: Surmesur

Great timing for discussion, I brought a groom and his groomsmen into Surmesur this past weekend for blue suits. The groom originally wanted all the guys in blue suits and he would be in grey, but then decided he wanted the difference to be a bit subtler. I suggested having each guy in a different shade of blue, none too close to another to avoid clashing, and his being a little lighter shade to stand out. He and all the guys were really into the idea, and it gave each one of them a chance to pick something that would work for them after the wedding. It’s going to look really pretty and stand out from your typical wedding party in an easy, not-in-your-face way.


Let’s talk accessories. The groom should stand out from the rest of the crowd, and the tie, pocketsquare and boutonnière are a perfect way to do that. Pick a “groomy” tie, it’s simple! Solids are a great option, but try to avoid shiny satin ties as they can look cheap. Your groomsmen can be in the same color, but add a polka dot or stripe to make it a little more… “groomsman-y.” If you are also getting ties for dads, they can be the opposite pattern of the groomsmen, but keep it a pattern. Another easy spot to play around is socks! You can go with the same color but different patterns really easily. Check out No Cold Feet for some ideas!

I get this question often… is it okay to wear a tie, boutonnière and pocket square together? Is that too much going on? NO! A pocket square is a must when wearing a jacket. A boutonnière should be included for your wedding and if you’re dressing up, a tie or bow tie makes sense. There’s no rule that says you can’t wear all of them together… and you should! 


I’ll update with images from that wedding once I get my hand on them! For now, try something new and if you have any questions, reach out to me on Instagram or email me at