Jana & Bailey's Best Party in Artifact Events

Bringing their college friends to tear up the dance floor from Baylor University to Chicago, Jana and Bailey’s had the best wedding celebration at Artifact Events! From the sweet to the super fun moments, have a look at their wedding photos captured perfectly by Pavel of The Adamkovi.

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Written and photographed by Pavel of The Adamkovi:

One of our favorite venues so far has been Artifact Events in Chicago. Such a great place for a wedding. We have shot there several times and therefore we can call ourselves the official Artifact Events photography team! Yeah that’s a joke, obviously. But anyways we were really happy when Jana and Bailey contacted us if we could shoot their wedding there.

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Jana and Bailey both recently graduated from Baylor University and even though it is in Texas they brought their college coach to marry them and their whole support group of friends to tear it up on the dance floor. It is such an incredible experience that couples find us so randomly, but we become friends and share with them one of the most intimate moments of their lives.

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We started quietly in the childhood house of Jana where she was trying to stay calm while writing her vow (which was just incredible and filled everyone’s eyes with tears), until the time where neither Jana, nor Bailey, nor almost anyone else wanted to keep calm and just wanted to celebrate and dance until the last minute of the party. We are 100,000% positive that this was one of the best dance parties Artifact Events experienced.

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Wedding Pro’s:

Photographer: The Adamkovi
Venue: Artifact Events