Vendor Spotlight - Emma Mullins Photography

We sat down and chatted with community member, Emma Mullins, to learn more about her and how she started her career as a wedding photographer. Scroll through to read why she stands out from other vendors!

How did you get into wedding photography?
“Honestly, it was kind of an accident! I’ve always been into taking photos, and started traveling a lot right out of high school. I took my camera EVERYWHERE. After learning with black and white film in a dark room, I finally transitioned into the digital world and started thinking about a potential career in photography. Weddings were the first thing that came to mind!
I took some classes at the Chicago Photography Academy that briefly touched on wedding photography and knew I wanted to learn more. I hadn’t even been to many weddings when I photographed my first one in 2014! The thing that really jump started my career was scrolling through Chicago’s Craigslist one day, and a post that jumped out at me. It was from a documentary-focused wedding photographer looking for an intern in exchange for… um, infinite knowledge?? Hah! Anyway I replied to the ad, landed an internship with Megan Saul Photography, and learned more than I ever could have imagined about all things Wedding. We became good friends and she actually photographed my own wedding in 2016.”

What is your dream destination wedding location?
”Right now Italy, South America, and Scandinavia are at the top of my list.”

What is your favorite wedding accessory?
”I have seen some really cool custom handkerchiefs lately.”

What do you want your couples to know?
”Oh man. This is tough! I guess I’d have to say that, you may not realize it right away, but as your photographer I’ll be there for pretty much everything. It’s not just a job I show up to, perform and then leave. Something I really strive for with all my couples is getting to know them throughout the process, so that I’m just as invested as they are on their wedding day. The goal is that they feel totally comfortable around me and know what to expect. It’s how I create my best work!”

How would you encourage your brides to break tradition?
”Well - I know it’s becoming super common, but I always encourage couples to have a First Look! There are so many reasons for this - and often it just makes the most sense logistically. I think allowing yourself to feel that first rush of emotion in a more private setting is such a unique experience to share, and might be the only time you’ll have alone together all day. I’ve even had couples read private vows to each other during this time, which makes it extra special!
Another thing I love is when couples actually get ready together. In my experience this is more common with smaller, intimate weddings. I’d encourage more couples to consider this, for the same reasons I suggest having a First Look!”

To book Emma Mullins you can visit her website here!