Vendor Spotlight - Mishkalo

Mishkalo (pronounced mish-kah-low) is the first ever art registry for brides and grooms! If you are an art-lover or always wanted a beautiful art piece for your home, then this is the perfect gift registry for your wedding! The great thing is they have art for all budgets - Keep scrolling to learn more about Mishkalo.

Tell me more about Mishkalo:
Mishkalo started in 2017, it is an online art registry for couples. I have a passion for art but the whole purpose of this is for it to be a one-of-a-kind wedding gift that the couple will remember forever. Part of my mission is to help younger couples appreciate art and I feel that a wedding is the perfect occasion because guests can crowdfund this gift that will last a lifetime.”

Walk me through the steps to sign up for Mishkalo:

  1. Create your registry for free.

  2. Select one or more pieces of artwork for the registry.

  3. Share the registry with your guests.

  4. Guests can contribute any amount.

  5. When you have enough funds in your registry you buy your artwork and then we ship!

How can a couple view the art gallery?
“Our entire art gallery is online! We do use some local Chicago artists but since it can all be viewed online it makes it easier to sort through and have any couple in the US look at it.”

What happens if a couple doesn’t find an art piece that they love in the registry?
“Couples can actually request artists to create something different for them. If they have a different vision in mind, most of our artists are more than happy to create something custom for them.”

What makes Mishkalo unique other than it being one of the only online art registries?
“We pride ourselves for giving one of the best personalized registry experiences. We provide our couples with a free art consultation since art can be overwhelming. There is no obligation - Our Registry concierges will try to figure out what they want, what they like, what ideas they have. Then from there we create a free art registry mix which is a mood board to give them some inspiration when choosing their art piece. The nice thing is that they have until the amount is funded to make the final selection.

We also provide free ‘Thank You’ cards from the couple to their guests because we want it to be a personalized and memorable experience. The list of guests who contributed is also attached to the back of the art so the couple will always remember who gave them that piece.

AND the couple gets a 10% discount on any other art they might want to buy for two years after they received their first piece of art.”

How do the couples receive their art once all the funds have been collected?
“The shipping cost is included in their funding so they don’t have to worry about that! We also can ship their art whenever they would like so they don’t receive it while they are away on their honeymoon.”

What is the Mishkalo return policy?
“The couple has 3 business days to return the art if they end up not liking their art piece for some reason. If this happens we are always willing to help them find a new piece that they will love.” 

What happens if there is leftover money in the registry?
“If there is any leftover money that is less than $100 the couple has the option to donate it to an art charity that we have partnered with. Kids and Art Foundation aspires to an integrated care model for children with cancer in which participation in the Arts is part of the regular treatment plan. or we can send them a check with the remainder amount.” 

What is your favorite part about weddings?
“My favorite part about weddings is the first dance. I always feel that it is an emotional moment and it hits them that they are a couple. From an artist perspective, I feel it is that one moment that the photographer can beautifully capture and then an artist can paint that for them - It makes for a special wedding portrait.”

Any other additional information you would like to share about Mishkalo?
“Anyone can start an art registry, it doesn’t have to be just for weddings. Mishkalo can be done for birthdays, bridal showers, anniversaries, etc. It is a memorable gift that will last a lifetime! 

Not sure what kind of art style you’re into? Take this short quiz to find out!