Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Written by Curator Erin of ECBG Cake Studio

The wedding day is heavily bride-centric. I’m not saying that I don’t like that… or that there is anything wrong with it!.... but is that an accurate observation? I have been to one million weddings and it seems like most of the wedding planning is done by the bride. The bride picks most of the vendors and decides on most of the details. I know it’s not like this for EVERY couple, but maybe it’s a general trend.  Controversial? Maybe, but traditions and gender roles die hard.  You don’t hear as much of a ‘groomzilla’ as you do a ‘bridezilla’ because maybe, just in general, the bride is doing more of the wedding planning. Who knows. I’m not married and I’ve never planned a wedding. Like I said I am just basing this off of the 14 million weddings I’ve been to.  


That’s why I LOVE IT when the bride secretly sends me a separate email after our wedding cake tasting to order her groom a cake that is allllll him!  A GROOMS CAKE!!! Yes there is nothing more fun than a 4 tier white wedding cake with cascading flowers next to a Red Bull cake… or a pizza cake or a donut cake!  


If you read my other post about the tradition of the cake cutting moment you remember that originally the wedding cake was referred to as ‘The Brides Cake’ as she would cut it and serve it to her guests. As guest totals grew my girl needed help serving all that cake! And so eventually dude would help her.  Like… ‘don’t just stand there, help me?!’ Obviously now our caterers and event staff are helping us with that part, but the wedding cake is still traditionally white, and a lot of times the design is based off the wedding dress…lets face it it’s still a ‘Bride’s Cake.’ 


I love it that brides want to highlight their partner’s personality and present them with a surprise that is totally specific and custom to them! Sometimes they present them the gift at the rehearsal dinner, and sometimes they want it on display next to the main wedding cake. On your wedding day things are so hectic, it is such a nice reminder that after all, this is for BOTH OF YOU!    

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