Wedding Day Tips from a Wedding Photographer

OMG your wedding is just around the corner! That is so exciting! As you start to plan our your wedding photography timeline with your wedding photographer, there are a few things that you can prepare beforehand that will make your day a little more smooth.

1. Unwrap the wedding gown and have it hanging on a gorgeous wedding hanger first thing that morning. This will make it not only photo ready but it could prevent wrinkles in the wrapping. 

2. In a small shoe box place all of your wedding details inside. That way you'll know where everything is at when your photographer arrive!  This could include jewelry, garter, the rings, a clean copy of the wedding invitation and any accents of lace or ribbon you might have to accompany these items.

3. Ensure that you both eat breakfast on your wedding day, as well as, stay hydrated. It will be a long day and it's important that everyone is ready for it.   It is also great to prepare snacks/ food for your bridal party while getting ready and midday - if the day is long.  Tell your photographer to plan for a midday break in the portrait session so that everyone can eat and not feel too rushed. 

4. If you and your fiance are planning on exchanging letters or gifts, have them ready to go with a plan on who is delivering the gifts to the other. Also remember that if you would like your photographer to capture those beautiful moments, unwrap/open during the “getting ready” portion of the day, right when the photographer arrives.

5. If you have tips or hand written notes for your vendors, make sure you give those to one of your trusted bridal party members to keep until the end of the evening. You don’t want those to get lost in the shuffle of the day.

6. Finally, and most importantly, enjoy every beautiful and wonderful moment of your wedding day. Make time to hug and say hi to every single person and do not stress or worry about ANYTHING!