Wedding GPS


When you drive or walk to someplace you're unfamiliar with, you use GPS. If you're getting married and aren't a fashion guru, or just need that extra bit of "I think I know where to go, but just want to be 100% sure," you use the Wedding GPS. The Groom's Personal Stylist will ensure the groom, groomsmen and family look perfect on wedding day.

A day-of GPS combines the services of a personal valet and traditional stylist. The GPS is there to help the groom, groomsmen and family get ready — steaming suits/tuxedos, shining shoes, ironing shirts, tying ties/bow ties, pinning boutonnières — whatever it is that you may need during the day. But the stylist also has a fashion background, so the other half of the GPS's job is to help style your wedding-day shoots by making sure everything looks correct, helping prop style your garment, shoes and jewelry for the photographer or staging portraits.

The Wedding GPS can also help you find your wedding day attire ahead of time. With years of experience running a custom clothing business, personal relationships with Chicago's top custom clothiers and retailers, and expertise in custom and off-the-rack menswear, the GPS will help you find your perfect outfit at the right price.



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